Thalassemia Jagruti Foundation is an organization committed to the cause of prevention of Thalassemia in the society. We like to believe that we are continuously striving ,with our sincere efforts, to help create a Thalassemia Free World for All.

Thalassemia Major is a dreaded fatal disease of children, wherein the child needs to be transfused blood at regular intervals after the age of just 1 year. The management of such a child is such a traumatic experience both for the child & the family and the cost involved is tremendous and financially shattering.

Considering the huge number of existing patients of Thalassemia Major in the country and addition of thousands every year, there is an urgent need for creating Mass Awareness & effective Prevention of birth of more such children.

This is precisely what we want to achieve and to this end our organization is working hard to create Mass Awareness in the Society regarding the urgent need of prevention. An age-old adage “Prevention is better than Cure” applies here very appropriately. Also it is very cost effective.

Thalassemia Jagruti Foundation is a registered trust (No. E-16505) comprising of individuals with self-less interests at heart, who are renowned in their respective fields.